He Said What?

“It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully…” — Logan P. Smith

Here’s the thing:  Women, we talk to each other a bunch about a bunch of stuff, especially relationships. But sometimes it’s helpful to seek out advice from a brother, a father, a male cousin, a son, an uncle, or a male friend as a way to balance our perspectives.

After we laughed until our stomachs hurt and wiped tears from our right eyes, we decided to put our dating experiences on paper and asked a few men their thoughts.  To be clear, we felt a bit of trepidation about what men might say and what their reflections would say about us:   Were we choosing the wrong kinds of guys?  Were we being naive?  Were we being too open or not open enough?  Was our mouth, attitude or success really a barrier, and if so, what should we do about that?  Ultimately, asking them could change the game (and us).  Yet, we wanted to know what would it take for this love thing to really work and last.

And so this project was born.  We turned our frustrations and wonderment with dating and love into stories that cover the gamut.  From the six figure salary to the unemployed; from the gorgeous smile to the man with no teeth; from the highly educated to the slightly illiterate; from the married man to the not-ready-to-commit; from the triathlete to the physically disabled; from the formerly incarcerated to the “you just haven’t been caught,” we have seen and experienced a ton!  And we have concluded that there is no algorithm for love, but there are some better choices and decisions along the way.

It is through the written word and the perspectives of real, live men that we embark upon a journey of laughter, healing, growth, and evolution.  Join us, as we believe you will be touched by our experiences and encouraged by what the men in our lives have to say.  (Yay for men!)

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